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Tips to Help With Chronic Pain

Improve Your Diet

Yes, it seems like no matter the issue or problem these days, the first thing doctors will tell you is to make changes to your diet. This isn’t just a standard blurb either. Diet changes are one of the best things you can to that will help manage your chronic pain.

Food is usually related to being overweight, but even the fittest and the healthiest looking person that is experiencing chronic pain needs to manage their diet. By keeping your diet in check, it will cleanse your body and reduce indigestion as it gets your system on track. When your bowels and other parts of your system are working well, the pressure on your bones and joints is minimized.

Keep A Journal

By writing down when your chronic pain is at its best or its worst in a pain journal, it not only is therapeutic, but it also will be helpful to your medical team. It will create a map for you and your healthcare team to track down how your behavior and level of pain is relating to certain actions and foods. With this information, your doctor can help you set up a treatment plan for your chronic pain.

Take a Break

With chronic pain, it can be worse some days than others. And whenever you may be experiencing your chronic pain, it can be hard to tell other no or decline an invitation. But you need to learn how to say now for your own health. You know your body better than anyone, so learn to listen to it when it is telling you it is tired and needs rest. There is no shame in saying no from time to time.

Be Somewhere Else Mentally

One of the most non-medicinal ways to manage chronic pain is to create a mental distraction. Studies have found that when we are focused on an issue or problem, it will become magnified in our mind. And then we begin to feel worse and make the issue or problem worse in our mind that it really is.

The same is with chronic pain. Treat yourself to a spa day or go for a mani-pedi session. Find a hobby and get involved with that hobby. Hobbies like knitting and quilting, or wood carving and refinishing furniture are some of the best ways to do just that.

Get A Support System

Your physical health is connected intricately with your emotional health. So when you have days or nights that you are feeling emotionally drained, you need a support system. This should be people that you can call and talk to that understand your situation with chronic pain and can be empathetic to you.

Studies have found there are several reasons why a support system is helpful for easing chronic pain. It can create a mental distraction which increases the natural endorphins that ease the pain. When you have people that you can talk to about your pain and know they care and are listening, it provides an emotional support.