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Increase Bone Health with Vitamins and Minerals

Symptoms of Low Bone Density

Initially it is convoluted to notice the symptoms of low bone density. When bone mass and mineral reaches on the wane and osteoporosis condition rise, you can observe symptoms like back pain, height loss, spinal cord and hip fracture.

This situation is usually not painful. It debilitates bones that sometimes causes pain for short duration.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals to Increase Bone Health

No doubt many people afflict with low bone density. It is a condition when bone mass diminishes and you become susceptible to the risk of fracture. This situation is called osteoporosis also.

Osteoporosis is mainly common among women. They become affected by this disease after menopause. There are several other factors also that lead to osteoporosis.

Causes of Low Bone Density

Low Calcium Intake

Calcium is very important mineral for sustaining their health. Calcium is a metallic substance that provides the strength. It inhibits bone density mineral loss.

Insufficient intake of calcium can lead to osteoporosis. This problem becomes worse for women during menopause.

Irregular periods lead to loss of calcium in abundant amount. Required calcium intake for bone health is 1000mg per day however it exceeds to 1200mg for women after the age of 50. Bone health natural supplement can help to recover deficiency of calcium.

Deficiency of vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is essential because it helps in calcium absorption. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the main causes of low density.

Body can absorb calcium if it is not lacking in vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium.

In case of vitamin D deficiency calcium can’t be absorbed and it gets dissolved in blood which can block arteries and cause heart attack.

Deficiency of Vitamin K

Vitamin K has a very important role in the absorption of calcium and preventing bone mass loss.

This vitamin helps in precluding the absorption of calcium in arteries and joints and activates an osteocalcin hormone that binds the calcium in bones and increase their density.

Vitamin K deficiency can be recovered by consumption of bone health supplements easily.

Deficiency of Potassium

Potassium deficiency is also one of the main problems. Adequate intake of potassium also helps to wade off calcium loss through urine.

People who had high salt diet needs to have potassium in high amount to avoid calcium secretion in urine.

These are the essential vitamins and minerals which are required to increase the density. In order to prevent osteoporosis disease these vitamins and minerals should be consumed properly. Bone health supplements contain all these natural ingredients which promotes bone health.