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Monthly Archives: December 2016

High Purine Content Foods

The human body couldn’t deliver everything that it needs all alone thus keeping in mind the end goal to make up for a few deficiencies, the cerebrum fires signs to the body to expend sustenance, accordingly, you feel hunger. Without nourishment, you would not have the capacity to appropriately work because of the disappointment of different biochemical procedures in the body. Be that as it may, many individuals does not consider the unfriendly impacts of some sustenance to the body, for example, the utilization of purine-rich nourishment.

Purine is a naturally synthesized compound in the body, which serves as nucleoside base for DNA or RNA, and is naturally broken down into uric acid. It can also be found in the food that people eat and excessive intake of high purine-containing food can lead to an equally abnormally high uric acid levels in the bloodstream. The kidneys would have a hard time excreting large amount of uric acid from the body and so urate crystals would be formed, causing several illnesses such as the inflammatory arthritis called gout. Therefore, you must limit the consumption of purine-rich food and try to balance your diet.

The following are considered as the top 7 high purine foods :


Seafoods have the highest purine content. These include fishes like mackerel and herring. Others are mussels, scallops, and sardines, which are rich in omega-3. Due to the variety of seafood products, it is difficult to determine which kind of fish contain the highest purine, so it is best to consult a professional advice.


Despite being a good source of both protein and minerals such as iron and magnesium, meat can contribute a lot in the purine department, so it is recommended not to take excessive amounts of meat such as pork, venison, beef-which means that you have to limit the consumption of your beloved bacon-and rabbit. Turkey has less purine than the others, but too much of it during Thanksgiving can also be bad for your health. Organ meat is actually the one with the highest content of purine, so it is best to avoid it.


This might be difficult to avoid since it is included in most menu in today’s food industry and the most common meat for different dishes. But then, there is really no need to remove this in the daily diet, but try to limit the consumption of chicken, since it has even more purine than beef.


I know, it is very convenient to have a Chinese take-out for dinner instead of cooking for hours and almost all of their dishes have tofu, so it might be hard for some to avoid this food. It is actually made of soybeans, which have half as much purine as meat, so eating large amount of tofu among all other purine-rich dishes means you might be consuming more than you can excrete!


All the green leafy vegetables that you are forced to eat when you are a kid is found to be purine-rich! With varieties of vegetables, it can be very difficult to know which should be eaten more than the other, but some studies said that mushrooms, cauliflower and spinach contain the most purine.


Sweet fruits that are sometimes included in people’s dessert are also a source of purines, especially peach, pear, pineapple, and plum. So bear this in mind before going into all-fruit diet.


Alcoholic beverages contain great amount of yeast, wherein beer having the highest purine content.


Know more about Hyperuricemia

The human body resembles a machine made up of various frameworks that perform diverse and complex capacities so as to keep up inward adjust called homeostasis. When homeostasis is aggravated, a progression of framework breakdown would promptly happen, which will then prompt issue and different sicknesses. A standout amongst the most widely recognized case of body lopsidedness is hyperuricemia wherein a strangely high measure of uric corrosive aggregates in the circulatory system and framing urate precious stones amid cell turnover, or cell passing.

What is Uric Acid?

In order to trace the causes of hyperuricemia, it is important to know first what uric acid really is and how it accumulates in the blood. Uric acid is a metabolic waste product from the breakdown of purine, which is an important compound acting as a DNA or RNA nucleoside base and helps in the acceleration of many biochemical processes in the body. Due to its role in survival, purine has to be rapidly and efficiently synthesized but because the body does not have the necessary enzyme to break this down into a completely soluble material, it would be downgraded as a uric acid. It would then pass through the liver into the kidneys and excreted in the urine. So if the body acquires purine faster than it is metabolized, the higher the risk for the uric acid to accumulate.

Three Primary Reasons Behind Hyperuricemia

There are a variety of factors behind hyperuricemia such as hypertension, genetics, obesity, and diet. There are three major categories behind this abnormality: the increase of uric acid supply, lower uric acid release, and a mix of both.

The first category, the increase in production of uric acid, is often the case with people afflicted with hyperuricemia. In modern times, where fast food is the most common diet, there is a high risk of consuming purine-rich food, exceeding that of a normal range. Some of the food which contain high levels of purine are fish, organ meat, sardines, sweetbread, asparagus, and others. If this is the case, the body would definitely have a surplus of uric acid and the kidney would have a difficult time in getting rid of the large excess.

On the other hand, some genetic disorders can also cause high uric acid such as organ transplant and medical operations, a tumor lysis syndrome, cancer-afflicted person, and Lesch-nyhan syndrome since such diseases cause rapid cell turn-over and causing an even more rapid formation of urate crystals.

The second one is the decrease in the excretion of uric acid and is considered as one of the most dangerous cause of hyperuricemia since it could indicate organ malfunctioning. Medications and drugs are probably the reason behind this second category as it could suppress the action of the immune system-cyclosporine-or the activity of the kidneys-diuretics, and nicotinic acid-which would then lead to the decrease of body’s excretion of several metabolites including uric acids. Another condition, however, a ketogenic diet, or the accumulation of ketone which is toxic in large quantities, can impair the various organs like the kidneys in the proper disposal of waste products.

The third is the mix of both categories and is usually due to high consumption of alcoholic beverages and leads to both increasing production and decreasing excretion of uric acid. This could happen by the accumulation of uric acid due to the fermented ethanol and the also the decrease on uric acid excretion by the accumulation of ketone in the bloodstream.

Tips to Help With Chronic Pain

Improve Your Diet

Yes, it seems like no matter the issue or problem these days, the first thing doctors will tell you is to make changes to your diet. This isn’t just a standard blurb either. Diet changes are one of the best things you can to that will help manage your chronic pain.

Food is usually related to being overweight, but even the fittest and the healthiest looking person that is experiencing chronic pain needs to manage their diet. By keeping your diet in check, it will cleanse your body and reduce indigestion as it gets your system on track. When your bowels and other parts of your system are working well, the pressure on your bones and joints is minimized.

Keep A Journal

By writing down when your chronic pain is at its best or its worst in a pain journal, it not only is therapeutic, but it also will be helpful to your medical team. It will create a map for you and your healthcare team to track down how your behavior and level of pain is relating to certain actions and foods. With this information, your doctor can help you set up a treatment plan for your chronic pain.

Take a Break

With chronic pain, it can be worse some days than others. And whenever you may be experiencing your chronic pain, it can be hard to tell other no or decline an invitation. But you need to learn how to say now for your own health. You know your body better than anyone, so learn to listen to it when it is telling you it is tired and needs rest. There is no shame in saying no from time to time.

Be Somewhere Else Mentally

One of the most non-medicinal ways to manage chronic pain is to create a mental distraction. Studies have found that when we are focused on an issue or problem, it will become magnified in our mind. And then we begin to feel worse and make the issue or problem worse in our mind that it really is.

The same is with chronic pain. Treat yourself to a spa day or go for a mani-pedi session. Find a hobby and get involved with that hobby. Hobbies like knitting and quilting, or wood carving and refinishing furniture are some of the best ways to do just that.

Get A Support System

Your physical health is connected intricately with your emotional health. So when you have days or nights that you are feeling emotionally drained, you need a support system. This should be people that you can call and talk to that understand your situation with chronic pain and can be empathetic to you.

Studies have found there are several reasons why a support system is helpful for easing chronic pain. It can create a mental distraction which increases the natural endorphins that ease the pain. When you have people that you can talk to about your pain and know they care and are listening, it provides an emotional support.

Know the Reason Why Convenience Foods are Fat-Loss Enemies

A great many people on a weight reduction slim down attempted to deal with their time. They wind up changing to the numerous comfort nourishments accessible. You may thing that eating something is superior to anything eating nothing, yet is it? The most beneficial looking fast food might be stacked with undesirable fixings.

Accommodation nourishments are eating regimen executioners. They more often than not will be awful for your eating routine, as well as might be out and out unfortunate. Eating them can really expand your appetite and jeopardize your weight reduction..

Taking after an adhering to a good diet plan may require all the more arranging and planning. You may need to figure out how to how to deal with your time appropriately. For a few people this can be hard, however you can do it. Simply decide what is essential to you. Setting aside the opportunity to pre-arrange your dinners and by keeping a sound nibble available, you won’t be screwed over thanks to nothing to eat.

Let’s look at why convenience foods are very harmful to your diet so that you will understand clearly why you must stay away from them. It will take some time to change your ways but it’s beneficial to your health so it’s all worth it.

The Details

  • Convenience foods run through insulin. Insulin is the fat storage hormone in the body. The more you consume it, the more body fat will be stored in your body.
  • They give few nutrients. Convenience foods have gone through a lot of processes so most of the nutritional contents were already removed.
  • They don’t have enough dietary fiber. Dietary fiber allows you to be satisfied after eating your food, so a lack of it will make you hungry after a short while.
  • They raise blood glucose levels. Convenient foods break down very fast in the body so your blood will boost way up and then speeds back down. It will make you hungry, irritable and absent minded.
  • It has simple sugars. Convenience foods contain sugars that you don’t want or have an artificial sweetener that’s harmful to your health.
  • It has too many chemicals. Convenience foods contain food colorings and preservatives that are not beneficial to your health.
  • They don’t provide satisfaction. You won’t feel satisfied after eating convenience foods. They do more to make you hungry than satisfy.
  • It includes trans fats. Trans fats are the most dangerous kind of fats and they are only added to increase shelf life.
  • They will lead you to bad eating habits. If you’re always dependent on convenience foods, you’ll never realize that choosing to eat healthier is not hard. You just have to plan for the times you will be hungry.
  • They are packed with calories. Most convenience foods are packed with empty calories, which hinder your efforts to control your weight.
  • They have small serving sizes, which lead you to eat more than what is necessary. You’ll tend to eat more and more calories, and your body will be left craving for nutrients. And craving more empty calories.